Tuesday, December 28, 2010

GPS EXIF header capable Camera for Motorola Backflip & Cliq owners

The problem with the stock camera that comes on the Motorola Backflip & Cliq phones is they do not geo-tag photos in the EXIF headers.  This leaves Backflip & Cliq owners with GPS capable phones but no capability to geo-tag photos.

Therefore we have released 'Cam GPS' available immediately on the Android market.  This basic camera allows you to take photos that have the GPS coordinates embedded in the EXIF headers of the photo.  All photos are saved to /DCIM/Camera on the SD card.  The photos can then be copied from the phone using applications like Picasa or Flickr.

We will be updating the application and adding features such as zoom, forced flash, etc.

Edit Jan 5, 2011.  Uploaded v0.5beta which should significantly reduce memory usage and help alleviate the rebooting some phones (particularly rooted ROMs) were experiencing.  Please provide feedback!

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