Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Air Traffic Control Status Widget US for Android Released in the Android Market

Air Traffic Control Status US widget has been released in the Android Market.

This software provides real time data for airports in the United States of America.  Do not purchase this widget if you need data on airports outside the USA.

The FAA provides a Web service with current reports on incidents affecting air traffic control at individual airports.  This widget pulls the data from the FAA Web service.  If there is more than one airport currently reporting a delay, ground stop or closure the widget will rotate through each individual report.  Other applications provide flight specific information.  This software helps determine if the airport you are flying through is having any problems. 

This is a widget so trying to run the software as an application will result in an instruction screen appearing describing how to install the widget.  After downloading the widget find a 2x2 blank area on a home page.  Then press your finger on the background until a menu pops up with "Widget" as one of the items.  Select "Widget" and then the Air Traffic Control Status Widget US.

A configuration screen then pops up with two settings at the following defaults:
  • refreshing the display every 5 seconds and rotates through each airport if more than one currently reporting ATC status
  • refreshing the data from the FAA Web Services no more than every 2 minutes.  
The default settings should be adequate for most users.  Press the "Save" button to save the configuration settings. 

The widget will not connect to the internet if the Android phone's screen is locked or blank helping conserve your mobile phone's battery life.

The widget has been tested on a Motorola Backflip running Android v1.5 and Android emulators running v2.0 and v2.1. Note that when there are "No delays reported" the time shown can lag because there are no recent changes at any airports to cause an update by the FAA. 

If you decide to change the settings from the default but already activated the widget simply delete the widget from the home screen.  Then press and hold finger on a blank spot on the home screen to re-add the widget to the home screen which causes the configuration page to pop up again.


Scan the image on the left directly into your Android phone using the free Barcode Scanner in the Android Market to direct the phone to the Android Market page for Air Traffic Control Status US widget for US$6.99.

Note: Aspexilary is not in any way associated with the FAA or the United States government.

If the software should have any problems install the free Log Collector application from the Android Market and send us the log by email (see Contact Us on the top right of our home page) for analysis.

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